Plan W | The spaces workshop

The sense for the subjective spatial requirements and the working around customer’s wishes are features from the work of PlanW. In our „spaces workshop“ individual and holistic solutions arise, orientated at the actual conditions. The space’s appreciation and the sensibility for the capabilities lying therein are points that constitute the “spaces workshop”.

With this philosophy, and by striving to find the ideal solution for every single customer while breathing life into the nascent object, we at Plan W create spaces for living, working and relaxing.

Whether in individual furnishings, designs for rooms or complete solutions, customers also benefit from the Plan W principle because we appoint one contact person for every stage of the project, from the draft, over design and planning, to production and assembly.

Plan W is also concessionaire for high-class products from internal or close designers. With experience, passion, curiosity and the eagerness to experiment we create extraordinary solutions for lighting, flooring or sanitary, orientated at the space’s functions. Here the drafts of the licence products are further developed from the first thought the technical perfection. Decisive for the intake of a new product is an innovative and convertible design, which obtained a unique quality through the excellent manufacturing.

We continually evolve our expertise in combining design and craftsmanship with complete spatial solutions.

With an eye for what is feasible, Plan W creates systems for business and private spaces that reflect the individuality of the room and its users, and which also carries a clear an harmonious signature.

This approach has earned Plan W an international reputation as a creative company.