Plan W | Products


Plan W is concessionaire for high-class products from internal or close designers, which, like all other designs, are realized in our own, technical orientated, workshop in Norderstedt - from wood, glass, steel, stone or other materials.
Here the drafts of the licence products are further developed from the first thought the technical perfection. Decisive for the intake of a new product is an innovative and convertible design, which obtained a unique quality through the excellent manufacturing.

Plan W | Alto | table

ALTO is a table, which captivates through its solid and puristic design [ ... ]


Plan W | BASSO | bench

BASSO is a bench, which is also available as a bench for high desks [ ... ]




Plan W | GEMMA | Table

Gemma table combines puristic design with the highest standards of resilience.  [ ... ]




Plan W | Monte | Display rack

The MONTE display rack doesn’t need any tools for mounting. [ ... ]




Plan W | Rio | wardrobe

The model RIO is a simple and high-end wardrobe solution. [ ... ]




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Plan W | Tius | Cabinet-shelving-system

TIUS is plain at a max and appopriate flexible. Functionaliy and design are added to technical perfection [ ... ]


Plan W | TODO | stool

TODO is a stool and the little brother of BASSO  [ ... ]




Plan W | TORRETTA | door stop

The shapely door stop TORRETTA is manufactured from massive high-grade steel [ ... ]




Plan W | ZEPPA | Türstopper

The straight door stop ZEPPA is flexibly deployable [ ... ]




Berlin Berlin Deutschland