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Newsletter | February 2010

TIUS: the secret star of imm cologne 2010

For Plan W – the spaces workshop – the exhibit at imm cologne 2010, the trade fair for furniture and interior design, was an outstanding success.
Plan W introduced the cabinet shelving system TIUS, which, without exception, prompted overwhelming enthusiasm in both new and established retailers and planners, and it showed that TIUS is an alternative to comparable furniture in the current market.

TIUS profits from quality, expertise, flexibility and charm
With numerous possibilities for variation paired with the high quality of Plan W, TIUS is a true alternative. Its significantly lower-cost application compared to competitors is not its only persuasive aspect, but it also wins you over with its sustainability and sense of well-being.
Countless new collaborations, such as partners in the Benelux countries, enormous interest from the trade press and an increase in incoming orders, brought TIUS great success at its start in hall 11.2. Once again, thank you to all the visitors that contributed to a unique trade fair experience.

TIUS grows with its challenges
In addition, the feedback from clients and their individual requests showed the Plan W team that TIUS is nowhere near the end of its possible applications. TIUS is persuasive in various furniture segments with its diversity. Experience how TIUS can bring you more possibilities in your furnishings without the endless hours of assembly or the inconvenience of searching for the correct dimensions.

TIUS is going places
The overall positive response from the professional audience and the end-customers strengthens Plan W in its decision that the TIUS cabinet shelving system has a future.
And as the saying goes: after the trade fair is before the trade fair!

The Plan W Team
Ulrich Weinkath